13 Oct 2014

7 Bonafied Ways to Have Better Sex

A good sex life isn’t just about thrusting and finishing. In fact, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to maintain one.

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Today, we’re going to let you in on 7 bonafied ways to have better sex. So if you don’t want to go stale and be replaced by a sex toy, consider these tips, pronto!

1. Talk about it

This is a critical step, especially if you’ve been with your partner long enough. It’s best to be each other’s teacher by asking what you haven’t done with each other before. Ask what she wants and tell her what you want. You’ll be surprised how much more meaningful your next time in bed might be which in turn will lead to a much deeper connection between the two of you.

2. Undress slowly

We know how intense things can get, especially when you just brought someone home from the bar and you only have one thing on your mind. However, if you are completely sober and in the mood, take your time undressing. Consider this a slow and prolonged stimulation, which is better than a swift burst of dopamine that fades out too quickly.

3. Blindfold her

Teasing is one of the keys to having better sex. Instead of doing it right then and there, step back a little and blindfold her. She doesn’t know where you are and she doesn’t know what you’re going to do next. Tease her with the tip of your tongue or a feather. This sensory pleasure will blow her mind making it that more possible that you get the exact treatment back.

4. Massage

Let’s get scientific here for the next few seconds. Our bodies are tense in many areas and this tension hinders good, sexual energy flow. Now when you massage her, this sensory touch relaxes her, giving way to better flow in her body. Just don’t relax her too much because she might end up dozing off instead of getting more aroused. Oh and best to do this is with some essential oils and candlelight. You’ll be rewarded immensely, trust us.

5. Play games

If you’ve been inhibited to tell her your fantasies, playing a round of strip poker might just help you get what you want. This gives both of you the opportunity to explore each other and it makes everything else more fun and different. Add a time limit for every action you want each other to make so you’ll both end up clamoring for more. Once you actually do it, the orgasm is going to be a legendary one.

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6. Do it somewhere else

Whether moving from the bedroom to the living room or from your place to a hotel, doing the dirty deed somewhere else raises more opportunities of sensory explorations. Remember: Risqué makes everything else exciting.

7. Talk Dirty

Two things: The ladies are more receptive with their ears and our brain is our biggest sexual motor. Now how do you get these two things to work in your sexual favor? Dirty talk. Words are what other sex games don’t have. Once you whisper to her ears what you want to do to her, it will drive her nuts.

So, the next time you’re in bed with her make it more than just a lay. Make it an actual experience she’s going to want to crave every time you two get frisky and reap the numerous long-term benefits that are sure to follow.