30 Jul 2015

7 Best Work-Out Exercises You Can do to Become Fit

Going to the gym is something that we spend so much time on. But just because we go too much doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, going to the gym regularly will keep you fit and healthy. It’s true that you can live a healthy lifestyle without having to lift weights. However, nothing beats working out at the gym when it comes to building strength and muscle. With so many exercises involving weights, we often wonder which ones we should consider including in our routine. Here are the best work-out exercises you can do to become fit.

7. Suspended Push Ups

Regular push ups don’t quite give you as much strength building as what suspended push ups give you. The focus of this exercise is muscle development and that’s definitely one you’d want to work on when you’re trying to build up muscle and make you look fit and healthy.

6. Pull Ups

Of course we cannot forget about pull ups. It;s probably one of the hardest exercises to do even though you’re not even lifting any kind of weight. you may not be lifting any heavy weights, but you’re lifting your own body weight in turn. If you aim to have broad shoulders, then this exercise should be a part of your routine.

5. Bench Press

If you’re aiming for a stronger foundation around your torso area such as your pecs, your shoulders, and your triceps, then bench presses will do the trick. The weight you lift will help strengthen the muscles in this area and in turn will give you the desired look you’ve always wanted.

4. Kettle Swing

This exercise not only focuses on the shoulders because of the heavy weight you;re holding, but it also strengthens your legs. The moment you swing forward and then back, you bend your knees at a certain angle that in turn helps build pressure on it and makes it firm.

3. Swiss Ball Rollout

If you’ve seen those huge rubber balls at the gym that people use, you should know that they aren’t there for fun. They’re actually used for creating the abs that you’ve always wanted to have. You may think that it’s a piece of cake, but it’s actually one of the most challenging ones in this list.

2. Back Squat

Not only does it make your shoulders, back, and arm muscles contract, but it also gives you proper foundation for your legs and your buttocks. You may not notice it as much because all the weight is on your shoulders. But you have to keep in mind that the moment you squat, everything on the lower part of your body contracts.

1. Deadlift

At the top of our list is also the most known which is the deadlift. The amount of energy you exert when doing this type of exercise will bring you fruitful results. All the muscles in your body are working when you do deadlifts and because of that, muscle building hormones are released in the blood stream helping you achieve better results.