30 Sep 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Save Money!

Money makes the world go round. Literally and figuratively. If someone says otherwise, then they are just fooling themselves. Yes, it isn’t good to prioritize money over everything else in your life. But it’s also not good to think that money isn’t as important as the rest of the things that you need in life. Money is the medium of your necessities. Without it, you wouldn’t even have anything at all. Perhaps a better way of thinking about money should be taken in to order. Money is important and should be cherished to be able to survive. If you’re in a bit of a slump and you’re jut compulsive buying, then you need an intervention. Here are a few reasons why you should save money.

Reasons Why You Should Save Money

5. Emergency money.

Life is full of unpredictability. You never really know what will happen to you until it actually happens and you wouldn’t want to be in a bind when something does happen. You’d have to spend a lot of money that you probably don’t even have. You’re going to need some emergency money which will definitely come in handy in difficult situations.

4. Fulfill your dreams.

If you start saving at a young age, you’ll be surprised of the amazing things you can do if you actually had the budget. You could be traveling to Asia or even backpacking in Europe. You’re going to need a lot of money to even want to reach for your goals in life. Work as hard as you can, enjoy life, and while you’re at it, save money.

3. You need a vacation once in a while.

If you’ve been working for more a long time, then it’s absolutely the right time to go on a vacation. Whether you go alone or you’re with friends, you can enjoy it even more with the presence of good company. If you start saving money now, especially if you’re in your early 20s, then by the time you turn 30, you’d have a lot of experiences under your belt.

2. Edutainment.

A word that is blended from education and entertainment. Saving money for your future education is a goal that a lot of people make every year. Once you graduate from university and you’ve had your fair share of hardships in life, you might want to backtrack. But why dwell on the past so much when you can create your own future. If you save enough money, not only will be you be able to learn a lot, you’ll be learning from the best and that is an investment you’d want to take seriously.

1. The promise of a comfortable retirement.

It may be a long ways away, but let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a comfortable retirement anymore. From young minors all the way to old people, everyone’s is trying to work so that they can take a step up on the social ladder. But if you do save as early as possible, without having to use it accidentally, then there wouldn’t even be all these complicated things. Save money now and you’ll be thankful you did in the future.