13 May 2015

5 Nutritional Slips Guys Tend to Make

Whenever you look at a magazine cover with a fit, muscular guy on the front page, you’d think that you would want to have a body like that. You go on google, search tips and advice to lose weight and gain muscle. You click the first link you see and you contemplate whether the steps are doable or not. You’re on the right track. But it’s not about following the steps to yield immediate results. You gotta decide for yourself if what you’re planning on doing to be healthy and fit is right for you. Often times, men makes mistakes when it comes to being healthy. Here are nutritional slips guys tend to make.

Nutrition mistakes

5. Focusing All Your Efforts on “Losing Weight”

No matter what your body size, you have to realize that you’re ultimate goal is to be fit and healthy. If you’re focusing on losing weight, then you’re already going off track. Yes, it’s pretty obvious that losing weight is part of the process. But if you only put all your efforts into losing weight, you’ll find out that you’re making yourself unhealthy by obsessing over losing weight.

4. Carbs Paranoia

It’s always the number one misconception in nutrition. Men and women alike purposely avoid carbs thinking that they will gain a lot of weight just by eating them. When in fact, carbs are very important factors in developing a healthy diet. Yes, diet. We are not talking about diet as in losing all that body fat. Diet in nutrition actually means your healthy nutritional lifestyle. Just think of it this way. There are good carbs, and there are bad carbs. Minimize your bad carbs intake and do not completely eliminate the good carbs. They’re called good for a reason.

3. Obsession with the Calorie-Intake

Another lesson about nutrition involving obsession. Yes, lessening your calorie intake can make you lose weight.  But a number on the scale isn’t the only thing your losing. Calories are important for daily nutrition. If you’re not eating enough from fear of gaining weight, then you’re being counterproductive. Your goal is to be healthy and healthy means getting as much nutrition as you can get. Lessening calorie intake will prevent you from getting the necessary nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

2. False Marketing

All this talk about food being healthy written in the labels is all but a plot for you to buy more of their products. Processed foods that are labeled as healthy. Doesn’t that seem really ironic? Opt to eating food that you would think is healthy. Don’t succumb to laziness. Cook the food that you will eat. You’ll find out that not only are you staying healthy, but your also saving money in the long run.

1. Not Drinking Enough H2O

Water is essential. Especially when you are sweating the hell out of your body. A bottled water or two does not equate to a healthier and hydrated body. The recommended intake of water in a daily basis is 8 glasses a day. That is to the regular guy. Most people don’t work out like what you’re planning on doing. You lose a lot more bodily fluids than most people which just means you definitely need a lot more than 8 glasses of water per day.