5 Sep 2016

5 Most Popular Junk Food Brands in the Market!

Junk foods are one of life’s guilty pleasures and they are hard to avoid. Although it is quite unhealthy to eat them, it still won’t change the fact that they are delicious. If you are trying to lose weight or if you are living a healthy lifestyle, then it’s best that you steer clear from what comes next. Over the years, junk foods have become so diverse that there’s something for everybody. But what are the specific brands that are consumed the most. Here are the most popular junk food brands in the market.

5. Cheetos

This puffed cornmeal will leave your mouth wanting more and more the moment you take the first bite. Whether you like it puffed or crunchy and cheesy or spicy, you’ll end up throwing more than just one empty bag of Cheetos. Created by the creator of one of the entries in this list, Cheetos may just be the best junk food there is in the market. And don’t forget the Jalapeno flavor.

4. Lays

Just like most of the chips in this list, Lays have different kinds of flavors that will accommodate almost everyone’s taste. From the famous classic flavor all the way down to chicken and waffles, they never seem to run out of ideas when it comes to putting out new flavors in the market. Some of the most interesting flavors of the brand are Cappuccino, Mango Salsa and even Southern Biscuits and Gravy.

3. Ritz

The only entry in this list that isn’t chips, Ritz is arguably the most popular junk food in the market. A guilty pleasure to a lot of consumers, the salty taste of the original flavor makes it so addicting that you’ll just keep biting until you finish the entire bag of it. However, if you are looking for a healthier approach without giving the snack up, they have a low sodium flavor that could suffice.

2. Doritos

Eat tortilla chips to your heart’s desire with the cheese flavored Doritos. Introduced to the market by the same company that put out Cheetos, the unique texture and taste of Doritos snacks will make you keep coming back for more once you’ve had a taste of it. Just like the other brand of chips in this list, Doritos also have different kinds of flavors that will suit almost everyone’s tastes.

1. Fritos

The third brand introduced to the market by Frito-Lay, Fritos is definitely a snack that a lot of people consume on a daily basis. The small size of a single chip makes it unique compared to the rest of the junk food snacks in this list. Because of that, it can possibly even be a reason why people consume so much of it. More can be picked up by your hands and in turn will make you eat more.