14 Jan 2014

5 minutes of Heaven with the uber hot Analu Campos

Ask, and ye shall receive! Brazilian super hottie and supermodel Analu Campos was one of the most requested girls by you guys and gals and.. Well, even if she wasn’t, I wish for her appearance every single day so… I think you should consider yourselves lucky today because after many, many months, we finally have a brand spanking new set of photos of sweetie, posing in swimwear outfits for Feba. Excited yet?

This Brazilian supermodel is something to lust about. If you don’t believe in love at first sight yet, this peach will convince you it’s real, because you’ll fall for her in just a matter of seconds. I’m betting love has nothing to do with it, but let’s not linger on details.  Hoochie mama, is she ridiculously hot or what !??

Brazilian supermodels are expected to look uber stunning on the beach, teasing everyone to death and making them wish for 5 minutes in Heaven – hopefully much more than 5 minutes – but this girl is at a completely different level. She’s beyond stunning, beyond hot, too hot for words.

I honestly think that Analu Campos is one of the most underrated supermodels ever, considering she’s drop dear gorgeous and we don’t see her too often. That’s why I’m going to cut this one short and leave you click on the sexy thumbnails below. Enjoy!