2 Oct 2015

5 Gear Items You Need for Snowboarding!

Winter is coming and surely we don’t have thick fur coats to keep us warm. But just because it’s going to get cold doesn’t mean we don’t get to do what we love. If you’re a sports kind of guy, then perhaps it’s a bummer for summer to end. No fear. Snow isn’t only good for making snowmen. When we think of winter sports, we usually think about ice skating or skiing. But there’s also another kind of sport that you should try: Snowboarding. Like any other sport, you’re going to need the proper gear first. Here are 5 Gear Items You Need for Snowboarding.

5. Thermal Body Shirt and Pants

Since there will be snow and it will probably be in the middle of winter, you need to keep yourself warm at all times. It will keep you warm and it will also make you dry, preventing moisture sticking to your skin which can be a bit uncomfortable especially in the cold weather. Of course you’re going to need more than just the shirt. You need one for both torso and bottoms.

4. Fleece Jackets or Sweater

Not only do you have to keep yourself warm with your inner layers, you also need to wear two or more layers in order to combat the harsh weather conditions. If it’s your first time snowboarding or maybe even if it’s your first time braving the cold instead of staying inside the comfort of your heated house, then you definitely need to bring lots of layers. Make sure that it is made up of fleece material because of it’s lightness and it will allow your body to be able to breathe.

3. Snowboard Boots

You won’t be able to go anywhere without these especially when you’re at a mountain where the snow is ankle-or sometimes even knee-deep. Although you might be comfortable in picking the size that you usually have for regular shoes, some brands vary on the fitting so it’s best to fit it yourself before purchasing or renting. It will also help you stick to the board so you should always wear this when going snowboarding.

2. Snowboard Goggles

Even if there isn’t a really bad snowstorm, you’re still going to need snowboard goggles. The reason for that is you never really know what’s going to happen once you slide down that steep hill. It won’t only protect you from the sun’s rays, but it will also protect you from falling snow that might blur your vision, or even tree branches if you’re going through a pine tree-infested hill.

1. A Snowboard

This one’s definitely a no-brainer. How are you going to go snowboarding if you don’t even have a snowboard. Whether you purchase your own if you decide to make this an annual thing, or you just rent at the cabin for the time-being, you should always choose whatever suits you best. You don’t want to use it if you can’t even hold it properly.