26 Jan 2015

5 Foreplay Moves that will Blow Her Mind

What turns men on doesn’t necessarily tickle women’s fancy. That’s why a lot of foreplays fail. Men think a few kisses here and there would get her going and ready for bed.

But hey, don’t get us wrong. Sure you’ve got your signature moves that drive her crazy but for the sake of the New Year, allow us to let you in on more foreplay moves that we guarantee will leave her breathless for more.

5. Touchless tactics

The brain is the largest sexual organ we have (Sorry, that’s not it). Turning her on doesn’t always mean you should touch her all over her body. Foreplay from a distance is very possible. Say, a kinky note slipped into her bag. Just imagine the naughty smile she’ll need to contain when she finds it at work. Go and send her a text message about what you want to do to her when she gets home. Just think of how crazy excited she’ll be rushing all her work so her day’s done.

These touchless, sensual tactics will moisten her in all the right places. Once she’s home, she’ll rip her clothes off and jump on you like a starving lioness.

4. Erotic massages

A massage in this context shouldn’t put her to sleep. Instead, it should make her crave you. The beauty of massages is it tells your woman that you don’t only want to crown her glory (if you know what we mean). You’d want to feel every bit of her and make her feel good.

Start by applying a bit of oil. Not too much because it will mess with the friction of your bodies later. Plus, too much oil could break the latex of your condom. Now gently massage her back, arms and legs. Stop and give her a soft kiss on her shoulders and lower back.

The trick is to occasionally and gently rub her inner thighs. Skate over her anus and vaginal lips but don’t rub it. Just tease her and leave her withering. End the massage on her butt and watch her quiver for you.

3. Slow neck kisses

Okay, okay. Hear us out: Neck kisses are a classic but there are different ways to pull this one off that will get her every single time.


Start with slow, gentle closed-mouth kisses on the back of her neck and shoulders. Proceed to interchanging it with firmer closed-mouth kisses on the sides of her neck, up her ears all the way to her jugular. Now go ahead and alternate open mouth kisses. Your tongue on her skin will send electricity down her spine.

As she moans, hold her with your strong hands. In no time, all she’ll want in this world is to be man-handled.

2. Stolen touches

If you want your woman to go into the most sensuous spontaneous combustion, stolen touches in the most inappropriate places are the way to go. Slide your warm hand down her thighs in the movie house. “Accidentally” brush your crotch against her butt as you ascend an escalator. Act like you’re going to whisper something in her ear but gently kiss it instead. Then stop. Don’t do anything else. This inverse psychology of wanting something she can’t have right now will drive her mad.

By the looks of it, someone’s going to be ravaged tonight.

1. Feels like high school

You remember those moments during senior high when the greatest sexual high you ever experienced is with your clothes on, making out and dry humping for hours?

Rekindle the romance and do just that. Allow her to feel like you’re in high school again, groping each other without ever taking yourclothes off and doing the dirty deed. Prop her on top of you and dry hump away. This is one tactic that always, always works because once you do decide to take everything off, the word “prime time” becomes synonymous to “explosive”

Foreplay can either make or break your opportunity to take your sexual life and relationship to a whole new level. Try these moves out and find yourself lost in each other’s carnal desires. Trust us, she won’t ever look the other way — nor will you.