11 May 2015

5 Fashion Styles Men Shouldn’t Attempt

In modern times, guys consider fashion as a medium of exchange. And no, I’m not talking about economics here. Before, being fashionable mainly applied to women. Now, guys turn to fashion for a particular purpose: to grab the ladies’ attention. Let’s face it. Knowing the right kind of clothes to wear that makes you look good will definitely grab their undivided attention. There’s a high chance that you’ll turn heads when you’re wearing the right clothes for whatever occasion. However, there are still those who over do it. You definitely do not want to make a bad impression to the girl sitting right next to you at the bar. She would probably buy you a drink instead for looking like such a mess. But fear not, we’ve got it covered. Here are fashion styles men shouldn’t attempt.

5. Socks and Sandals

Just don’t. You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you don’t wear this even inside your apartment. Fortunately for us who live in the tropical side, we wouldn’t need to wear socks with our sandals. It’s just way too hot to wear. But for those who like to stay warm, just opt for shoes instead.

4. Baggy Pants

It’s arguable to some that wearing baggy pants makes you look cool. Wearing pants so low half your underwear shows just makes you look plain ridiculous. Trust us in this. Most girls won’t even look your way if you choose to be “cool”. Justin Bieber. That’s enough of a reason why you shouldn’t even think about wearing pants.

3. Popped-up Collars

Here we go again with trying to pull off “cool”. It works with some people. Perhaps maybe if you’re a blood sucking vampire or something. But otherwise, leave it down. You don’t want to look like a douche-bag when spiking up a conversation with the hot girl right next to you in class.

2. Deep V-Necks

I try to make some sense into why some guys just completely go deep with their v-neck cuts. Yes, it’ll make you look manlier if you work out and if you have chest hair. But please, keep it decent. Don’t even think about opting for a v so deep it goes all the way down to your belly button.

1. Suit Jackets and Shorts

For some odd reason, it’s the new trend nowadays. Wearing suit jackets while wearing shorts, maybe even basketball shorts. Unless you woke up with a bad hangover and you’re really late for work, there is no excuse for you to go out half-dressed.