11 May 2016

5 Cycling Magazines That You Might Be Interested In!

Magazines aren’t just for fashion or make up or food, it is also for those who have specific interests who like to know more about that certain interest without having to go on the internet. Well, there are hundreds of magazines out there that you can possibly choose from. Which makes it a lot harder for you to find the ones you are actually looking for. Fear not. We shall give you a quick list of the magazines that you might be interested in. Here are 5 cycling magazines that you might be interested in.

5. Dirt Rag

being adventurous and taking it to the next level, these dangerous yet invigorating stunts that people pull are just as exciting as when you first rode your bike when you were a kid. See all the crazy things people do especially when mother nature offers so much opportunity to enjoy your wheels. Dirt Rag is one magazine that you would definitely be interested in.

4. Road Bike Action

If you really want to know all the details about the art of biking, then you’ve bought the right subscription if you chose Road Bike Action. If you’re the tools and mechanics kind of guy, then this is the right magazine to read. Especially if you love to customize your own bike with accessories.

3. Triathlete


If you’re focused on the sports side of things, then Triathlete is the magazine for you. It gives you tips and guides on how to make your leisure activity into a profession and to get you on your best shape ever to be able to compete in competitions. It also shows you the most recent news in the sports world.

2. Adventure Cyclist

If you are on the adventurous side of the pack and not the ones who just bike on the neighborhood, then you are in luck. Adventure Cyclist is a publication you would want to subscribe to. What makes it so interesting is that it takes you all over the word, in a cyclist’s perspective of course, and shows you how amazing traveling in a bike is.

1. Bicycle Times

About 6 issues each year is released for this really popular cycling magazines and people just can’t get enough of it. What’s so great about this magazine is that it doesn’t cater to a specific group of bikers or cyclists. Their clients range from those who are expert in cycling to those who just love to go biking for fun.