22 Feb 2017

5 Condiments That Aren’t Good For Your Health!

More often than not, people tend to forget that condiments aren’t actually good for your health. It might be natural for you to dip those fries to that ketchup or put mayonnaise on your hot-dog. However, you shouldn’t dismiss the fact that these favor enhancements are actually filled with ingredients that can cause you health problems in the long run. If you think about it, you don’t really pay attention to the condiments that you eat because they are necessary to make the food taste better. But once you get to know the health risks, you might change your mind. Here are a few condiments that aren’t good for your health!

5. Mayonnaise

Soybean oil is the main ingredient of this condiment and that should also worry you. Although one would think that soybean is healthy, it actually isn’t. Mayonnaise is filled with so much fat that you will definitely get your arteries clogged and your cholesterol levels sky rocketing if you eat too much mayo.

4. Ketchup

The universal condiment, ketchup is an essential dip to complete the addicting flavor of french fries. However, ketchup will make the already unhealthy fries into an even more unhealthy option. Just like a lot of the condiments in this list, ketchup is manufactured. This means that ketchup is made up of a a lot of sugar that should not be consumed too much especially if you are diabetic.

3. Ranch Dressing

If you think you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle by eating salad with ranch dressing, you are fooling yourself. Yes, you might be eating a healthy alternative which is salad. But if you eat the salad with ranch dressing, or any kind of dressing for that matter, you are being counterproductive. These dressings contain so much unhealthy fats that it’s like you are eating the fats instead of the salad.

2. BBQ Sauce

The American food palate will make your mouth water at the thought. However, just like how everything is in the US, it isn’t healthy. Not even bit. Although it enhances the flavor of the barbecue, BBQ sauce is actually made up of so much sugar. It has such a high sugar content that it’s not recommended to be used every single time your family has a barbecue.

1. Chocolate Syrup

One couldn’t possible make chocolate unhealthy. They aren’t. However, the chocolate syrup that you love so much on your waffles or ice cream is actually rather unhealthy. Because this syrup is manufactured and refined, it has a high level of sugar that is not good for your health. A few of the possible risks for overconsumption of this is cholesterol and diabetes.