18 Sep 2017

5 Best Filipino Chips That You Should Try!

Although most people would dismiss the thought of eating chips on a daily basis, many would beg to differ. Eating this so called “junk food” is one of the guilty pleasures in life because they just taste so good. The saltiness of the fries, the spiciness of the chips, the sweetness of the cookies and biscuits, the works. There are so many different kinds of snacks from all over the world that you may not have known anything about. The typical cheetos, lays, and fritos will not cut it this time around. Here are some of the best Filipino chips that you should try.

5. Boy Bawang

The Filipino version of corn nuts, Boy Bawang is a brand of junk food that is popular among all ages because of the size. Each fried corn is flavored according to the various flavors that the company has put out over the years. From hot garlic to chili cheese to barbecue, Boy Bawang is definitely a snack you should try.

4. Piatos

The staple Filipino snack, Piatos has been around since the beginning of time, or maybe not. But they have definitely been around for years and years and years yet they still sit comfortably at the top. The wide variety of flavors gives the opportunity for everyone in the household to like something. Perhaps it could be cheese or nacho pizza our sour cream. Whatever the flavor is, it is guaranteed to taste good.

3. Vcut

The ridges may seem familiar to most people but the taste will definitely be a new experience. Obviously the ridges play a big part in the scrumptious texture that Vcut chips has. The crunch combined with the strong flavor makes it a fan favorite among Filipinos. The flavors ranges from spicy barbecue to cheese to onion and garlic and many more. It is no surprise that Vcut made this list.

2. Cheese Ring

When one thinks about what good is there in the world, you can picture out the cheesy goodness of Cheese Ring snack. Cheese Ring is an incredibly cheesy type of chip that has a crunchy on the outside but soft and hollow on the inside. It is perfect for munching away when watching a movie or television.

1. Clover Chips

Over the years, there have been many different flavors that this brand of chips have tried. However, you can never go wrong with the original cheesy clover chips. Although for some it might seem a bit salty, but that is just how Filipinos like their snacks. The saltier it is, the better. Clover Chips is definitely a must try when traveling in the Philippines.