10 Dec 2015

5 Best Drinks for the Holiday Seasons!

Christmas is the time for parties. Whether it is a regular party at home or an all out get together with your closest friends, one way or another you’re going to have to attend a few parties. You’re probably even going to go party-hopping from one place to another just to be able to see every single one of your family and friends. And of course along with the food, parties always come with drinks. But what kind of drinks are best served during the holidays? Here are some of the best drinks for the holiday seasons.

5. Chase Marmalade Vodka

It is pretty unusual to start off your day with a drink. However, the holiday season brings out the celebrations at different times of the day and breakfast is definitely not an exception. Marmalade and Vodka isn’t the usual combination that you would see in any menu. But don’t knock it till you try it.

4. Candy Cane

Another Vodka in our list is the Candy Cane drink that includes a bit of exotic taste. The Candy Cane is mixed using Berry Vodka, as you can see from it’s red-pinkish color, and creme de cacao which is excellent for the taste buds. And finally, add peppermint schnapps to complete the drink and voila.

3. Bateman’s Rosey Nosey Beer

If you’re not really that into drinking hard liquor or cocktails, then perhaps a strong beer could do the trick. Ingredients in this concoction include wheat malt and crystal malt just to name a few and they definitely add that rich beer taste that everybody loves. If you simply can’t go about without having a sip of beer, then by all means. Enjoy it during the holidays.

2. Santa Shot

A shot is a shot and you can never get enough of them especially if you’re at a house party or perhaps at a club celebrating Christmas with your friends or possibly your significant other. Why not take the celebration to the next level by actually drinking a Christmas-inspired shot. Made up of peppermint schnapps and grenadine, the Santa Shot is definitely a bar counter favorite during the holidays.

1. The King’s Ginger

If you are the type of person to stay classy, then you are probably a big fan of wine or champagne or any of those sophisticated drink choices. But with the Christmas season comes with a specific set of holiday wines. The King’s Ginger is just that, a drink made for the winter’s festivities. It’s spiciness and zestfulness, it sure is one drink you should not pass up during the holidays.