15 Nov 2016

4 Newest Gadgets Available in the Market!

Technology is at its peak and will continue to be soaring high because of the rapid advancements in this modern day and age. It’s only natural that there are new inventions and gadgets being invented on a daily basis. From the new iPhone 7 to external drives that stores up to 8 terabytes of data, there are pretty amazing gadgets out in the market nowadays. Gadgets have been a big part of our lives and we might not even live without them. Here are the newest gadgets available in the market.

4. Innov8

At first you were amazed by the fact that you could store a few files in floppy disks and CDs. Now, you can store millions of songs in just one rectangular shaped storage device. The Innov8 is an 8TB external drive, a first of its kind since there hasn’t been any other portable storage devices that can hold that much memory. It is definitely something you would want to invest on.

3. Amazon Tap

If you were a 90s kid then you probably remember carrying the big boombox on your shoulders while jamming to nostalgic 90s music. How times have changed since now, speakers are pretty much as portable as your mobile phones. The Amazon Tap is a portable speaker that you can connect to via Bluetooth. You can also access Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora and many more with just a tap of a button.

2. Phone-Charging Alarm Clock

Sometimes, it gets kind of annoying how the outlet is so far away from your bed that you would have to get up to charge it. If you are the type of person who checks their phones every five seconds, then that would definitely be a big problem for you. However, with the new Phone-Charging Alarm Clock, you won’t have to go through all that trouble. This phone-charging alarm clock will be the next best thing as a best friend if you like to take risks and do some overnight-charging.

1. Wireless Glass Keyboard

Although we don’t know what reason would you want to get something so expensive just for the aesthetics, it is still a pretty awesome gadget to have. The name says it all. This keyboard is unique in a way that no other gadget has ever thought of. It is touch screen and therefore possible for the glass material to be used. And it is also wireless which makes it even easier to use.