8 Apr 2016

4 First Aid Kit Items That You Need to Bring When Outdoor Camping!

Whenever people think of going outdoors, the first thing that comes to their mind when they’re packing things is the first aid kit. It’s a necessity to bring which is why it should be considered as a gear since you can’t really go anywhere without it. You don’t really know what will happen to you so it’s better to be safe than sorry. And more so than that, you will most likely encounter something that would need first aid kit attention. You would be a fool to go outdoor camping or hiking up a mountain without your first aid kit. Here are some first aid kit items that you need to bring when outdoor camping.

4. Assorted Adhesive Bandages

In more than one occasion, you will encounter something that you probably did not anticipate such as a steep drop or a thorny branch and you’ll end up getting all this cuts and wounds. Without bandages, you won’t have anything to cover them up. If it’s too big a wound, then you can use gauze. but for small cuts and wounds, stick with the bandages.

3. Rolled Gauze

As mentioned previously, if the wound is a bit too big for a bandage, then a gauze will do the trick. You don’t know what will happen out there and if you for some reason get wounded and the cut is too deep, you’ll get seriously infected if you don’t have anything that can cover it.

2. Antacid Tablets

If you’re staying in the woods for a while, then of course you are going to run out of food. You’ll end up scavenging for berries or hunting wild animals and cook them over a make-shift fire. Sometimes you just don’t know what you are consuming so you’ll get a bad reaction from your stomach. With antacid tablets, you’ll be able to lessen the pain and in time, it will go away.

1. Poison Ivy Treatment

As was discussed a few numbers ago, you don’t know what you may come across especially in the woods. If you’re traveling by night time, you won’t be able to see where you are going. Without vision, you won’t know what path you’re taking and you won’t even know what you’re coming in contact with. If it happens to be poison ivy, then you’re in deep trouble. Without poison ivy treatment, you’ll have a very difficult time getting out of the woods and finding treatment for it.