11 Jan 2017

4 Cycling Apps That You May Need!

With mobile phones being one of the most essentials that people need to have at all times, it’s only inevitable for all aspects of life to be involved. There are apps for every single thing that we do now. From exercising to cooking to all different kinds of activities, there are apps designed specifically for them. If you ride bikes a lot, then you probably use apps for all kinds of things revolving cycling. But which are the ones that are worth having? Here a few cycling apps that you may need.

4. Strava

IF you are a cyclist, then GPS is definitely something you will need. It’s not like when you drive a car and look at a map in order to know where to go, cycling requires your full attention on the road. So having a GPS app will definitely save you the trouble of having to stop on the side to reach your destination. Just like a lot of apps now, it also tracks your calorie rate as well as how far you have been on the road.

3. CycleMaps

If you’re familiar with Google Maps, then you will definitely like CycleMaps. What makes this app great is that you can plan everything ahead and find the best possible way that you can use. Just like everything else in this list, CycleMaps is specifically for cycling. This means that all the results that you see in the app is catered to cyclists. So if you are planning on cycling, then this app is a recommended app to download.

2. ViewRanger

As the name of the app suggests, this app is for all-around, like a ranger if you may. Unlike the other apps which are solely for cycling, ViewRanger allows you to get routes from all over which also includes mountains and other terrain. That way, you also have the option to use it if you are dirt road riding or mountain riding.

1. Cyclemeter

Of course there must be a reason for you to be cycling other than the thrill of riding. If you are a cyclist, then one reason must be that you want to stay fit and fitness is something that has been popular in the app world. As the name suggests, it is a meter that records everything. It records the speed that you went to how far you rode and other kinds of data. So it’s really how you go about it that will make this app perfect for your cycling.