4 Aug 2015

4 Affordable Convertibles of 2015

Whenever we think about cars that are of the convertible type, obviously we think it will cost us more than what we would usually budget for a vehicle. However, not all convertibles are as pricey as it’s luxury car counterparts. Like many other products in the market, there are ways to pay less and still be happy about it. You just have to look hard and find the best possible deal that will be both relieving to your wallet and satisfactory to your wants. Here are a few affordable convertibles with good deals.

Volkswagen Beetle 1.8T Convertible. $26,000.

How do you know that just because the price is not steep that it’s a worthy investment? First off, it gives you the full capability on opening and closing the roof even when you’re driving. You won’t have to park somewhere and then open it or close it. It’s rooftop is power-operated which enables it to function even while driving. Not only is it advantageous, but it is also a decent price. You may think it’s still pretty steep, but you have to keep in mind that this is a convertible we are talking about.

MINI Cooper. $26,000.

Hearing the name of the car alone might make you want to stay clear of it. However, this product is particularly affordable than most convertibles. It’s fuel-efficient mechanisms and iconic paint job are enough reasons why this product should definitely cost more than what it is being sold for. And if you’re not as satisfied with the regular 4-seater, you also have the option of choosing the two-seater roadster which only a few hundred dollars more.

Ford Mustang Convertible. $28,000.

Now if you want something sleek and not too compact, then this four-seater is the perfect product for you. It may be a little more expensive than the previous two, but that doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. If you really take the time to check the prices, you’ll be amazed with the differences they have in price compared to actual luxury convertible cars. If you’re into patriotism and loving our own, then there’s no better way in showing support than by staying local.

Audi A3 Cabriolet. $36,500.

Yes, you are most definitely seeing it right. It’s an Audi. Who would have thought we would encounter a product made from a world-renowned company and still remain affordable compared to other luxury brands. Since it is a convertible, we’re obviously going to wonder if it is stable and if it is easy to use. Both of which apply to the Audi A3 Cabriolet.