20 Feb 2017

3 Styles That F*ckboys Would Wear!

Fuccboi or f*ckboy, however they are spelled to suit the audience, this label for guys have taken over the dating scene. They are notorious for being playboys and they assume that they know everything about the ladies. Of course these young lads know nothing about being a man yet, they do have some good sense of style. No matter how much we would hate to admit, their fashion define 2016 to the T. Here are three styles that f*ckboys would wear!

Adidas Sneakers

Adidas are in and they really do complete the f*ckboy look no matter how much you deny it. The iconic black and white sneakers have attracted a lot of attention because of it’s fusion of comfort and style. One more reason why this became such a thing is because of the joggers phenomenon. The pants stop on top of the ankles which makes the shoes are fully showcased and not covered at all.


As previously mentioned, joggers are often paired with sneakers because of the perfect shoe exposure. In the case of the joggers, it is an article of clothing that is a combination between sweatpants and jeans and it has now become accepted as pants that you can go out with. Before, it was unheard of to wear sweat pants when you are at the mall. You’d only look like you literally just got out of bed. But now, these joggers and even sweat shorts have taken over the fashion world by storm and everybody seems to be wearing them, especially the certified f*ckboys.

F*ckboy Haircut

Let’s not forget that f*ckboys have their signature hairstyles as well. 2016 was the year that really saw the explosion of the side-shaved haircut. To explain it simply, the f*ckboy haircut consists of two things: the sides are shaved and the top is long and styled either spiky or gelled back. Considering that this hairstyle phenomenon took over the world and became so trendy, f*ckboys have began to universally get this haircut. Anyone who wears this haircut now already gets labeled as a f*ckboy even if they are not. If you are just trying the hairstyle out, just don’t. You will be labeled as a f*ckboy even if you are the most gentleman-like dude around.

If you happen to wear these kinds of clothing and hair styles expect that people will judge you and label you as a f*ckboy. Unless you purposely want to be called that, it’s much better to stop following the trend and stay classy.