5 Oct 2017

3 Sodas That Are Not Being Produced Anymore!

Sodas are a staple drink for the majority of Americans, especially since there are so many accessible and affordable fast food restaurants in the country. However, just like how specific delicacies can go out of fashion, sodas can also go extinct either for legal or health reasons or just a loss of interest by the customers. These drinks were popular before, but now they are not being circulated anymore because of various reasons. Here are a few sodas that are not being produced anymore!

3. Pepsi Blue

Although Pepsi is still one of the biggest companies that puts out sodas, they have a certain drink that become so unpopular they stopped producing it altogether. The Pepsi Blue started in the year 2002 and stopped circulation two years later in 2004. The reason for this discontinuation is because of the taste. Not many people were particularly fond of the sweet taste of the soda and it was also causing diabetes and cases of obesity. Pepsi should just stick to making regular Pepsi colas.

2. Apple Slice

One of the more unknown sodas, Apple Slice was a drink created by Pepsi Co that only lasted one year in the market. We’re kind of seeing a pattern here that Pepsi Co has tried many different sodas but failed on some. The majority of the criticism about this product is that it tastes more like a juice than a carbonated drink. Many will argue that they would rather just buy fruit juice than a drink that labels itself as a soda but does not really taste like one.

1. Orbitz

The soda that got everyone’s eyebrows raised, Orbitz was a drink that puzzled customers because of its unique composition. Although it is still a carbonated drink, the tapioca-like balls suspended in the water really threw off many customers. Probably not the ones who love to drink boba tea. But for the majority, the texture was off putting and it just seemed over hyped during the emergence of the internet as its platform of advertising. It only lasted for a year before production halted.

There are countless soft drinks that have gone extinct over the years and perhaps in a few years, some of the drinks that we drink now may not even exist in the future. Nothing is truly permanent in this world and that also includes beverages because of the constantly changing demands of customers over the years.