17 Apr 2017

3 Regular Foods That Are Actually Unhealthy!

If you are trying so hard to keep those french fries and pizza at bay, you might as well do it right because your sacrifices might just have been for nothing. You go on and on about how you need to completely avoid unhealthy food because you want to lose some weight but then again, you end up eating food that might just be the same as the junk food that you avoid eating so much. There are food that you probably won’t think as unhealthy but in reality, they hold the key to getting you bigger the more you eat them. Here are regular food that are actually unhealthy.

3. Fruit Juice

Getting up in the morning and drinking your glass of orange juice might not be the best breakfast option. If it is real orange juice, then by all means, drink it as much as you want. However, if it is the manufactured ones that are in bottles or cans, you should steer clear from them. Fruit juices contain as much amount of sugar, perhaps even more, than soda. If you are avoiding soda but you still drink juice, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

2. Microwave Popcorn

People think that popcorn is a healthy alternative to chips because of it’s less calories. However, it is actually just as unhealthy because of the ingredients that make up this theater snack. Ingredients such as the butter that is supposed to give flavor to the popcorn is actually just flavoring that contains diacetyl that can be harmful to the lungs. It is instant popcorn after all. You should already be questioning it’s credibility as a “healthy” food the moment you find out that it is food that you can cook in less than 5 minutes.

1. Margarine

The favorite alternative to butter, margarine isn’t what you think it is when it comes to its nutritional value. Sure, saturated fats are less in margarine compared to butter. But you have to consider all the ingredients, not just one. One of the key ingredients that people tend to override because of the low saturated fats is the trans fats, which is actually more of a threat that the former will ever be. It is the fat that you do not want. Trans fat in margarine can build up in your system and can cause possible heart diseases and can even make one proe to getting diabetes.