15 Nov 2010

3 reasons why men like boobs


I don’t understand why the Hell somebody should ask himself “Why do men like boobs?” but if you are here, probably this stupid question occurred trough your head and made you come here and read this.

To be totally sincerely, this question is Evil. It is so evil that since I first thought to write an article about this it was the main thing that was in my mind for days. I woke up with this question in mind, I was talking with all my friends about the reasons, I was going to work with this, I had sex thinking about this… f**kin’ question, I had come to see a pair of tits in my plate this morning, right near my boiled eggs with a big question mark between. The question mark was making Spanish sex with those tits and they all together were gang banging my brain.

In one of these days, I’ve decided to stop thinking about this all by myself and went on to ask some specialists. So I went into a games room where there were more than 40 men which were playing different games. I went to the first man I knew and I’ve asked him: “Dude, please, enlighten me, why the Hell men like tits?” He looked at me like I was some Martian who just landed on planet Earth and who started to ask the most stupid questions. “No, really, why do you like tits?”

He still didn’t answered and he continued to stare at me. Probably he was thinking that I am under the effect of some good drugs and he didn’t knew how to ask me the dealer’s number. “Seriously, be my real friend and escape me from this terror. I have to write an entire article and I really can’t figure a good reason.” He blinked twice and he said “Let me ask somebody else. I don’t know either.” In the next 8 hours, more than twenty men from that room, and me, of course, made a Round Table and we debated why men like tits. Now we joke between us and we call ourselves The Knights of the Tits. I was playing the role of the King Arthur.

Now, after all this obsession with tits I can come here and write that I am so proud of myself that I found the reason why men like tits that right after I will finish to write this I will go up on the highest building from my town and I will shout as much as I can: “I am the king of tits!!!”

Ok, let’s cut off the crap and let’s find out the 3 reasons why men like tits:

1. Because tits exist.

2. Because tits exist.

3. Because tits exist.

Now you know what’s the funniest part? That I am a woman and all these things really happened. The truth is that no matter whom you are, tits will mess your brain so much, that you will make from them the essence of your existence and you will not even know why. Now I will leave, I have to go out in town and keep a promise.