8 Nov 2017

3 Reasons Why Marking Bike Lanes is Important!

With so many people now enjoying nature and exercise, many have picked up biking as not just a hobby but also a mode of transportation. Many would argue that biking is just a past time since it can only be ridden in safe neighborhoods where there aren’t a lot of cars that pass through, or at bike tracks where they are as far away from the street as possible. However, a road is made for transportation and bike is also made for that. Although not a lot are fans of driving next to bikers because of how unpredictable they can be, all the more reason to mark bike lines. Here are a few reasons why marking bike lanes is important.

bike lanes

3. Safer for both cyclists and motorists.

Marking bike lanes is a lot safer than having to drive next to cyclists that might change lanes in any minute. Bikers do not have side mirrors where they can easily see vehicles behind them. By marking bike lines on the sides of the street, bikers can bike with ease without having to worry about vehicles taking over or hitting them when changing lanes. It is safe for motorists because maneuvering through bikes won’t be a problem anymore and it’s also safe for bikers because they get their own place on the street where nobody else but them can take.

2. Encourages more bikers.

One of the main reasons why not a lot of people like to bike is because the danger that it may pose when driving next to vehicles. By adding bike lanes on every street, more and more people would turn to biking for transportation. Aside from the safety that it brings, it also helps people get more exercise. People are more likely to bike if they are certain that they can be safe on the road. When there are bike lanes, more people would bike and this leads to more people having a fit and healthier lifestyle.

1. Helps the environment.

Traffic is getting worse and worse, especially in big cities where almost everyone has a car. It’s very alarming that more people are getting their own cars, adding more vehicles in the streets. It’s pretty obvious that the consequences to the environment are severe because of the gas that comes out of the car exhaust. By marking bike lanes on the streets, more people would start biking and biking does not affect the environment in a severe way such as cars would.