29 Nov 2016

3 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time!

Today’s modern technology has changed all our lives in more ways than one can even imagine. We have been so used to technology being there that we forget how much we depend on them. There are even times when we take them for granted and then the moment we lose them, we suddenly forget how to function. That is why there are so many gadgets that are deemed to be things that we just cannot imagine a world without. But which are the ones that are worth mentioning? Here are some of the most influential gadgets of all time.

3. Polaroid Camera

Now, you might think that Polaroid cameras are only for those hipsters and cool kids who try do a throwback to the past. But in actuality, Polaroid Cameras started the age of what we live now. The Polaroid camera paved way to the wave of pictures. Our so called generation has come to know and love these pictures. Without it, we would not even be using apps such as Instagram because we would not even have selfies and groupies to begin with.

2. GPS

Imagine a world without a GPS on your cars. And yes, that includes your built-in GPS systems on your mobile phones. You can probably get by with google maps but in today’s era, looking at a map is just as hard as solving a math problem. Without the GPS, you would definitely be lost a lot and you would have to take extra time looking for wherever it is that you are going. GPS is one of the most convenient gadgets ever to be developed and therefore deserves a spot in this list of most influential gadgets.

1. Nintendo Gameboy

Life has never been so fun without the beginnings of the hand-held game consoles. It may not be the first gadget to make a significant impact in the world, but it still made waves the moment it came out. If you still remember your childhood when you first got your Nintendo Gameboy, you’d remember all the amazing games you have played over the years. Whether you played Pokemon or Donkey Kong, Nintendo Gameboy really did take over our childhood. But who said we’re complaining. Those were some of the best memories we have that we should definitely appreciate. With so many portable games consoles right now, it’s crucial that we let the next generation aware of how it all started.