22 Aug 2017

3 Most Expensive Private Islands in the World!

Going on a vacation in another country is a lot of people’s dreams. Many aspire to go to Hawaii to enjoy tropical paradise while others dream of cruising the Bahamas. Of course, only the rich are able to do so because of how expensive traveling to these paradises on Earth are starting to become. But if you think that these are already too expensive, then imagine how expensive it would be if you chose to travel to a private island. Here are some of the most expensive private islands in the world.

3. Caye Chapel Resort, Belize

There’s just something about a private island that attracts people. Maybe it’s the privacy, or the quiet, or maybe even the remoteness. Whatever the reason may be, people sure do pay top dollar to go there. One such private island that is now a private resort is the Caye Chapel Resort in the beautiful country of Belize. It was sold at sixty-five million dollars and has since increased exponentially in value because of the booming economy of tourism in the resort. Only the rich can step foot on this private island.

2. Ronde Island, Grenada

The Caribbean islands are known for their tropical paradise beaches and clear blue waters. This is why a lot of people take cruises to visit the islands. However, there are some that are so private that only the wealthy are able to go on a vacation here. Unlike the previous island, the Ronde Island is actually still for sale. This island is looking for a buyer starting at a hundred million dollars. With 2000 acres, it can even be declared as a country if made possible. Who knew a small island can be so expensive.

1. Lisbon Island, Portugal

This particular island is peculiar because of how untouched it is despite being right next to a metropolis. But maybe the reason why it is left untouched is because it has a price tag of three-hundred and ten million dollars. That is a lot of money just for a piece of land. But this island is definitely not just a piece of land. With 3000 acres of land, anything is possible as long as there are funds to use. Hopefully it remains untouched so that wildlife can thrive. It’s much better than having a resort built in it and get destroyed in the process.

Although there are a lot of expensive private getaways, these are just some of the most expensive private islands in the world.