9 Oct 2017

3 Most Expensive Men’s Luxury Underwear in the World!

When it comes to expensive clothing, the last thing that people would think to be included in it would be underwear. After all, nobody sees it anyways. But in reality, underwear can be one of the most expensive pieces of clothing in the market depending on the brand. You will not just be paying for the quality of the underwear, but the brand as well. Luxury underwear can be more expensive than your entire outfit, which is ridiculous for most people. However, for those belonging to the one percent and can afford these expensive underwear, then by all means. Here are the most expensive men’s luxury underwear in the world!

3. Derek Rose Bailey Pure Silk Classic Boxers

Derek Rose is a clothing brand that sells underwear for top dollar and for good reason. The quality of the fabric alone costs a lot more than any other underwear that you have encountered. It is made up of pure Italian silk, making the quality a cut above over the others. Just thinking about wearing silk boxers would already make anyone want to wear them. There’s absolutely no wrong with pampering your private parts even if nobody else sees it.

2. Waffle Briefs

It doesn’t really look anything out of the ordinary, until you look closer and you see the sparkling little buttons in the middle. Yes, they are made of gold. These briefs are sold at around $175 a piece, an expensive price for a piece of underwear. But because of the fact that the two buttons are made up of 18K gold, then it makes sense to price it so high. Perhaps the quality of it is not bad either. Either way, it is one expensive piece of underwear.

1. Hermes Boxers

It’s no surprise that this piece of clothing is worth five hundred bucks. It is made by Hermes after all. But does that justify the hefty price tag? Probably not. But it doesn’t really matter because this particular underwear is catered to those who have so much money in their pockets that they don’t even know what to do with it. Being one of the most expensive luxury brands in the world, Hermes definitely wanted to show off by making this piece of underwear and pricing it to be more expensive than your entire closet.

Wearing fancy underwear once in a while is not a bad thing. But how much are you really willing to pay for one piece of underwear?