21 Feb 2017

3 More Dangerous Countries That You Should Hold Off On Visiting Part 2!

With so many countries considered too dangerous to travel to, this is the second part of the series so that you can be informed. The previous three countries, Ukraine, Syria and Somalia, proved to be dangerous enough that tourists are recommended not to go to these places. Despite that, there are still tourists and journalists who risk their lives and actually go to these countries. If you are smart, you’d really take these to heart because you wouldn’t want to put yourself and whoever you are with into any danger. Here are more dangerous countries that you should hold off on visiting part 2!

Dangerous Countries

3. Venezuela

The Americas are often considered as relatively okay countries to travel to. But when you go down the equator and into the south part of the continent, it starts to get a little dangerous. With many corrupt officials as well as rebellious groups, Venezuela has become a country that is too dangerous to go to. Many wars have started because of political reasons and now that there’s a divide in the country, it’s not safe for a tourist to just walk the streets of Venezuela.

2. Turkey

Political unrest, violence and possible terrorist factions within the country has caused a decline in tourism for Turkey. Because of it’s location in between the Middle East and Europe, Turkey is a danger prone country that a lot of terrorists would target. Although it is unclear as to what extent the danger is in this country, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. Once the tensions die down, then you can visit this beautiful and culture-rich country.

1. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Most of the countries in this series are chosen because of the terrorism running rampant as well as civil and political unrest. However, the Democratic Republic of the Congo takes the cake. Not only does it have civil and political unrest and terrorism, contagious and deadly diseases are also present in this country in turmoil. Put two and two together and you got yourself a country so dangerous you wouldn’t even dream of visiting it.

With so many countries in the map, it won’t hurt you if you avoid some of them. You might want to check them off your bucket list. But would you really want to risk your life for that? Visit countries that are not as dangerous as the ones in this list and always hope for the best because traveling is a privilege.