12 Oct 2017

3 Fitness Personalities That You Can Take Inspiration From!

Living a fit and healthier lifestyle can be draining. It takes a lot for some to get out of bed and get moving. Moreover, there are times when you are not motivated to do your regular work out routine. This kind of attitude happens to the worst and the best of us and we just can’t help but feel guilty. But in hindsight, there are many ways to get back our motivation and one way would be seeing other people live a fit lifestyle. Getting inspiration from other people can also motivate you in being fit yourself. Here are a few fitness personalities that you can take inspiration from.

Tom Daley

This young Olympian is truly an inspiration to watch because of his dedication to his craft. Known for being the young and upcoming diver from the UK, Tom Daley constantly puts up fitness content on his social media platforms such as his YouTube channel and his Instagram account. He posts work out routines that anyone can easily follow as well as some tips on how to stay healthy by having a proper healthy diet. He is definitely an inspiration to many.

Torrie Wilson

Former wrestling superstar from the WWE franchise, Torrie Wilson is a celebrity who is dedicated to staying physically fit despite retiring from the wrestling industry. Although she was known for her sexy acts and not so physically draining matches, she is actually quite the athletic and her toned abs and firm thighs prove that. She puts on fitness content on her Instagram account regularly and she also promotes fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. For those aspiring to be the best that they can be despite retiring from their career, she is definitely one of the fitness personalities to follow on Instagram.

Ashley Graham

One of the most recognized models of the modern fashion industry, Ashley Graham has time and time again proved to the world that being skinny and thin is not the only way to look good. As a plus size model, she has been told to lose weight if she wants to make it into the modeling industry. And look where she is now, landing countless magazine spreads, appearing on television, and even being in a music video for one of the most popular bands of today, DNCE. She truly embodies sexy and fitness no matter what size you are. You can still be physically fit even if you are not as skinny as a Victoria’s Secret model.