17 Jan 2017

3 Expensive Gadgets Used in the Kitchen Part 1!

Gadgets of all kinds for all sorts of purposes are the rage nowadays because of how fast technology is improving. We have come a long way from the big and bulky mobile phones to the super light and super thin smart phones. There have been so many improvements in the field of technology that it’s not really surprising that we have gadgets for everything we do in our daily lives now. One area would be the kitchen. Cooking has become a high technology activity appliances just keeps getting improved. But great improvements come with great cost. Some of these gadgets even cost tens of thousands of dollars. Here are a few expensive gadgets used in the kitchen part 1!

3. Blendtec Stealth Blender

Just as it is implied in the name of the product, this blender is a silent as those stealthy spies in action movies. A lot of people complain about how loud blenders are which is why this product is actually worth considering. Although it’s steep price of two thousand and three hundred dollars might be too much, if you have the money to do so, then you should definitely buy it. It’s sleek design just make it all the more great of a product.

2. Hammacher Juicer

Who in their right mind would buy a nine thousand dollar machine that squeezes fruits for their juice? Well, if you actually saw what it looks like, you’d also want to buy it. Not only is it convenient because you won’t have to painstakingly peel the fruit, you can also put multiple fruits. You can put them all at the same time and it does it for you. It’s practically the most convenient juicer in the market. And it looks pretty damn cool too.

1. Dacor’s Discovery Wine Station

Starting at five thousand and three hundred dollars, this amazing wine station is something a lot of people would dream of having. If you had that kind of cash, then by all means make the most out of your hard work. This may just be the best one yet because who wouldn’t want a wine station at their house? You won’t need to open the fridge every time just to get your nightly routine of red wine and great company.

With so many gadgets coming out by the minute, it’s only right to make this a series. Although these are pretty pricey, it’s still cool to imagine what it would be like if we had the funds to afford them.