30 Jan 2017

3 Expensive Gadgets used in the Kitchen Part 2!

To continue with the previous topic, there are still many gadgets used in the kitchen that cost a lot more than monthly bills. One could only imagine having enough money to buy all of these because they are definitely luxury items that not a lot of people can afford. But to those who can actually afford these, then you are lucky to have these amazing products invented in your lifetime. Without further ado, here are some expensive gadgets using in the kitchen part 2.

3. Mugnaini’s Wood Fired Pizza Oven

If you have always wanted to have your own place to make your pizza, then a regular oven would suffice. But if you want the ones that they show on television or in movies, then this one would take the cake. Mugnaini’s Wood Fired Pizza Oven is just like what you see in movies where they make pizza like how they do it in Italy. Starting at eight thousand five hundred dollars, it may seem a bit pricey. But have you seen what it looks like? Just one look and you’ll know for a fact that this is definitely expensive. With this, you’d be able to have pizza whenever you want.

2. Victoria Arduino’s Venus Century Espresso Machine

One can never get through a day without having some coffee. You probably have your own coffee machine in your kitchen and it probably cost you a lot. Or at least you think it cost a lot. If you thought yours was a lot, then you should check Victoria Arduino’s Venus Century Espresso Machine. It costs a little around twenty thousand dollars. Yes, you definitely definitely heard that right. Twenty grand just for a coffee machine. But come to think of it, because of it’s limited number and quality machinery, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s that expensive.

1. Sveid-Custom Made Corkscrew

With a whopping seventy thousand dollar price tag, this product is definitely the most expensive kitchen gadget that you will ever find in the market. With it’s intricate design and multi-purpose functions, you won’t even need to buy anything else. Just like a regular corkscrew gadget, it has a tin can opened, seal breaker and the like which explains the multi-purpose function feature. But what makes this pretty cool is it’s design and whether it’s platinum or gold or silver plated. Wouldn’t that be cool? Your corkscrew is more expensive than your car.