27 Jan 2017

3 Drinks That Are Actually Unhealthy!

Unlike food, drinks are a little more difficult to determine whether they are unhealthy or not. If they are not considered alcohol, carbonated or sugary drinks, most people would turn the other cheek and just drink it. There may come a time where you encounter a drink that you read about somewhere thinking that it’s healthy because of the ingredients used to make it. However, it’s not always the case for every single drink out there. Mixing chemicals might just be as unhealthy or maybe even worse than those listed above. Here are some drinks that are actually unhealthy.

3. Smoothies

Before you think otherwise, only some smoothies are unhealthy. If the ingredients that you made are low calorie and if it includes fruit or maybe even yogurt, then you’re safe. But if for example you come across a popular drink stand and they sell those delicious looking and delicious tasting smoothies, be extra careful. To make it that good means they had to add something to the mix. It can be considered as a sugary drink and it can even have ice cream or protein powders in there. It’s just as unhealthy as processed fruit juices.

2. Rice Milk

Filled with just starch, rice milk should definitely not be in your “living a healthy lifestyle” routine. Not only does it not include any essential minerals and vitamins for the body, it also contains too much carbohydrates. It is rice milk after all. It would be okay otherwise since carbohydrates are good for you. But if you drink something that is only made up of starch and water, then you have a problem. It would just be like drinking a drink that has zero calories but at the same time no benefits to the body.

1. Vitamin Water

Contrary to popular belief, vitamin water is actually not what you may think it is. You are probably asking why it would even be in this list in the first place when the name alone should sound as healthy as it can get. Don’t be fooled by the name because it’s purpose is to make you think that it’s just vitamins and water when in fact, it’s not. Vitamins are needed for energy which is probably the reason why it’s popular for sports. But in actuality, vitamin water has a large amount of sugar in it that it can even compete with soda. That’s not healthy living at all.