7 Feb 2017

3 Dangerous Countries That You Should Hold Off on Visiting Part 1!

Traveling to different countries is a dream for a lot of people. Who wouldn’t want to explore what the world has to offer? Especially since we are pretty much free to do so as long as we have the funds. However, even if you have all the money in the world and the capability to travel wherever you want to, there are still some places that you should try to steer clear from. You should stay away from these places not because of the expenses you will be making or the limitations of the visits. You should decide not to visit these places because they are too dangerous to go to. Here are a few dangerous countries that you should hold off on visiting part 1.

Dangerous Countries

3. Ukraine

Although things have died down a bit, Ukraine is still a relatively dangerous country. The conflict both inside adn outside of this European country will render tourists unable to fully enjoy their vacation. Ukraine is a very beautiful country with breathtaking scenery and a vibrant culture. However, because of recent events, the country is at a standstill. With Russia being a powerhouse in the civil unrest and Crimea being annexed, it is still very unpredictable. For now, try not to visit so that you won’t be placed in the middle of something that could possibly harm you.

2. Syria

The Syrian crisis is made known to the world because of the involvement of many big world players. The Syrian refugee crisis is also the biggest humanitarian crisis in the past few years. A lot of these refugees are misplaced all over Europe. It is heartbreaking to see all these people being forced to leave their own country. But it’s for a reason that they don’t have a choice on. The war between rebels and the government has yet to be settled. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for tourists not to visit this country.

1. Somalia

Several African countries are possible targets for the terrorist group ISIS and Somalia is one of them. Although Somalia is associated with another terrorist group, it is still affiliated with the infamous Al-Qaeda. The three previous statements alone should already make you not want to visit Somalia for a vacation. From terrorist bombings to kidnapping, it should be the last place you would want to visit.