28 Jun 2017

3 Common Misconceptions About Men’s Fashion!

Fashion has always been stereotypically associated with women. However, men think about fashion just as much as women, believe it or not. Although a lot of guys would just pick whatever they see first in their closets, they actually think about what they will be wearing for the day without even noticing. They are the ones who chose to buy their clothes after all. With that, there are so many misconceptions about men’s fashion. Here are some of the common misconceptions about men’s fashion.

Misconceptions About Men's Fashion

3. Men care about fashion too.

A myth that has been debunked over and over again is the thought that only women care about style and fashion. However, with the recent trends of joggers, obviously men also tend to pick and choose which fashion trend is on going. Although men don’t realize it, they do care about what they wear unconsciously. And they don’t just do it to look good. They also do it to express themselves as a person, whether they want to be seen as this type of person or that. Men also care about the way they dress everyday.

2. Suit is the best way a guy can dress.

This is actually a misconception because of the subjective point of view of this idea. Suits aren’t the only outfits that can make men look gentlemen-like and proper. Aside from the cleanliness and being expensive looking, suits are just another fashion trend that most people have stereotyped for the best-dressed. However, there are also other outfits that can make men look classy. Button ups with chinos and loafers is a great example of an outfit that looks classy and expensive especially during the summer seasons.

1. Dull and boring is the way to go.

Just because women are often more associated with flashy outfits does not mean men have to choose to wear something boring and dull. Kick it up a notch by choosing accents that will draw attention from the crowd. It doesn’t have to be so flashy. Have some fun when choosing what to wear because after all, you are the one who will be wearing it. It’s about how you would want to look, not what society wants you to look.

These fashion misconceptions are way overdue and they need to change because men can also be fashionable just like the women. With the recent trends in fashion, it is pretty obvious that men also care about style and fashion as well.