25 Jan 2017

3 Best Places to Go Biking in Southern California!

Biking is a sport that is both rewarding and entertaining at the same time. All the hard work you put into pushing those pedals until your thighs and knees become sore really does give you a sense of fulfillment. But while you are getting the exercise that you need, you are also enjoying it. From the feel of the wind against your cheeks to the amazing view that you see if you bike all the way up to the mountain, it’s just as enjoyable as it is physically rewarding.

With biking a popular activity to do, it’s always good to have an idea of where to go biking. The view and the smoothness of the tracks can also motivate you to keep on pedaling. But where are these good places located? If you live in Southern California where the grass is greener, then you are lucky. Here are the best places to go biking in Southern California.

3. Spoke Bicycle Cafe

Coffee shops isn’t only for first dates or study outs. It’s also for those bikers that enjoy an energy boost. If you bike along the track at North Coolidge Avenue in Los Angeles, you will pass by Spoke Bicycle Cafe so make sure you drop by. If your bike needs repair or fixing, then this is the place to be. While waiting for your bike to be serviced, you can enjoy a cup of coffee to give yourself an energy boost.

2. Venice Beach Boardwalk

If you have always imagined yourself riding your bike while the sun sets, then Venice beach should be at the top of your list. Venice Beach, located in Venice, California, has a long boardwalk that you can ride your bike along. With the sandy beach on one sand and bustling restaurants and snack bars on the other, you will really feel what California is really like especially during the summer. Feel the sun on your skin while riding down the pathway. Just make sure you put on sunblock.

1. Big Bear Adventure Park Snow Summit

If you are the mountain bike type of person, then of course mountainous areas are the perfect setting to let it all go and just ride. This bike track is fairly new and it is worth checking out. If you have been biking your entire life in the lower part of Southern California, then most likely you have no tried biking in the cold weather. The Big Bear Adventure Park Snow Summit is a whole new experience that you should consider trying out.