3 Feb 2017

3 Sports Gear That You Will Need To Play Badminton!

There are a lot of sports that you can choose from and most likely you will choose the more popular ones. Sports such as Basketball, Football and Swimming could be at the top of your list because of how media portrays it in popular culture. However, there are also other kinds of sports that you should try. There is no such thing as a girls-only sport because all kinds of sports are made to be played. You shouldn’t limit yourself to what society thinks as manly enough to play. Badminton is a good sport that is often looked down upon. Well, here’s your chance to give it a try. But before all that, you need to be prepared like you would with any sport. Here are some sports gear that you will need to play badminton!

3. Shuttle Cock

Similar to tennis, badminton requires something that will get hit during the sport. However, instead of a tennis ball, you are going to need something smaller and lighter. If you have seen one, then it’s those arrow-tip like things that have feathers on the sides and it’s actually called a Shuttle Cock. However, there are also those that are made up of plastic. It really depends on what you feel comfortable in using. But if you are just a beginner, then we suggest you go for the plastic ones first as they are more durable and easier to control.

2. Badminton Shoes

The most important part of playing a sport is having the proper attire. We could have included badminton attire such as socks or shorts, but we the shoes are what really matter the most. Just like how tennis needs tennis shoes, badminton also requires badminton shoes. They are designed for better grip because badminton is a sport that requires you to b agile and have quick reflexes. You wouldn’t want to get an ankle injury just because you were wearing the wrong shoes.

1. Badminton Racket

Of course you are going to have to need your own racket. Badminton is somewhat similar to tennis where you hold a racket and hit the ball, or rather shuttlecock, back to your opponents court. However, handling a badminton racket requires a lot more patience and control. There are many badminton racket brands that have quality reputation. If you are having a hard time, why not start with brands like Yonex or Wilson. With those, you can experience the best of the best.