9 Oct 2017

3 Best Dating Apps of 2017!

In today’s modern world, meeting new people has drastically changed over the years. Before, people had to have to connections to meet other people and create relationships. There were also times when people would need to go on blind dates just to meet new people. Some even just approach people to get to know them. However, nowadays, meeting new people can be done with just a touch of a finger. With everybody know on their mobile phones and on their social media accounts, it was inevitable for applications specifically for dating would pop up. Here are the best dating apps of 2017!

dating apps

3. OkCupid

One of the tamer app of the bunch, OkCupid is really for those who are looking for short term or long term relationships and not just simply for hook ups. This is partly because of their match making system where users are to answer many questions and their algorithm will calculate based on their categories and answers and then match them to people who have similar percentages. This way, more people are connected not just because of appearances but personalities as well.

2. Bumble

Although a bit similar to the next dating app that will be mentioned, what makes this particular app different is its mechanics. For most dating apps, anyone can pretty much message those that they are connected with whenever they like. However, with Bumble, only the women are allowed to message the men first. This is a unique way to see whether a girl really likes a guy and will go out of their way to message him first, something that is unusual in today’s society.

1. Tinder

Arguably the most popular dating app as of this year, this world-wide dating app allows people to connect with other people through the art of swiping. If you swipe left, you don’t like the person. If you swipe right, the you are interested. If both of you manage to swipe right on each other, then it’s a match and you can now start chatting. This app also has specific features that narrow down the people that may pop up on your screen such as distance, gender, and body type. It is certainly a dating app that a lot of people use nowadays.

Despite the convenience it brings, dating apps can possibly change the world as we know it because it stops actual interaction on a spontaneous basis since everyone is meeting online.