15 Oct 2014

2014’s 5 Most Badass Women in Movies

The year hasn’t even ended and yet there are already so many strong female characters gracing Hollywood blockbusters. In celebration of strong women who can kick our butt in a heartbeat, here are 2014’s most badass women in movies.

5. Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars


Here to make a comeback Veronica Mars, played by Kristen Bell, gives fans closure with a movie funded by Kickstarer. In it, she visits her hometown to help out her ex-boyfriend who got accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Smart, snarky, and strong, Veronica is just the kind of girl we’d like to hang out with.

4. Beatrice Prior

Beatrice Prior


In Divergent, Shailene Woodley plays a young brave teenage girl, Beatrice Prior, who happens to possess three traits of the five fractions as classified by their dystopian world. Her character shows us that women don’t have to succumb to just a certain stereotype and that women also possess various traits that make them as equally complex as men.

3. Artemisia



A woman whose beauty can only be matched by her fierceness, Artemisia, played by Eva Green, can command a whole navy, behead kings and seduce an enemy. Now we don’t like our heads being cut off, but we sure don’t mind being seduced by such a powerful woman.

2. Maleficent



There are always two sides to a story. This time, we get to hear the villain’s side. In Maleficent, Angelina Jolie portrays a sweet young girl who turns into an evil cast-spelling fairy all because of a man. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned indeed.

1. Lucy



Scarlett Johannsson has played quite a few badass female characters this year, including a murderous alien who seduces men and a Russian spy who can beat up a group of men while being tied to a chair. But then nothing beats her character Lucy, who can make men levitate along with all kinds of things just by using her brain.