29 Nov 2013

2014 Super Bowl Odds, Seahawks are now favorites

If we don’t write too often about sports, don’t worry, we’re still in front of our TVs, watching most games and analyzing stuff with our mates. This year we’ve had another awesome NFL season with many, many great storylines and exciting meetups. The Chiefs have been surprisingly good, while the Falcons and Texans have been unbelievably bad. I’ve been a Saints fan for years so you can imagine how freaking happy I am this season because Sean Payton is back and they’re rocking the NFC South once again.

But all season long, two teams were always considered better: the Broncos and the Hawks. In the first six weeks of the season the guys from Denver literally trashed every single team, with probably one of the best offenses of all time and Peyton Manning on course to set career highs. But since then they’ve cooled down a bit or, let’s write it differently, they were actually cooled down by the Colts and last week by the Patriots in one of the best comeback wins of all time. They’re now 9-2 and for the first time this season, they’re not considered the favorites to win the whole thing.

Now let’s say hi to the new number 1 in the Super Bowl Odds: the Seattle Seahawks. These guys have been incredible all season long, but now they’re facing my favorites, the Saints, in a game that will probably decide who’s going to be the number 1 seed in the NFC. I’m honestly a little scared for the Saints, because the hawks’ defense is just.. amazing but we’ll see who’s better on Sunday.

Right now, probably the Seahawks, Broncos, Saints and Patriots are going to fight for the Lombardi Trophy in my books and guess what? These four teams also have the best odds as well. Here are the odds from week 13 from Sportsbettingdime.com

1. Seattle Seahaws – 3-1
2. Denver Broncos – 7-2
3. New Orleans Saints – 13-2
4. New England Patriots – 7-1
5. Carolina Panthers – 10-1
6. San Francisco 49ers – 10-1
7. Cincinnati Bengals – 22-1
8. Kansas City Chiefs – 25 -1
9. Indianapolis Colts – 28-1
10. Dallas Cowboys – 33-1