24 Mar 2016

2 Reasons Why Calories Aren’t the Main Factor in Deciding Your Weight!

There are a whole lot of people who truly believe that the critical factor in weight gain and weight loss is calorie amount. Despite popular belief, it really isn’t the main factor on whether you want to gain or lose weight. It is really all about the type of food you eat and the amount you distribute at different times of the day. It is a fact that people still think that the more you take calories, the more you gain weight, and the less you take calories, the more you lose weight. That kind of thinking leads to a very unhealthy lifestyle and that is complete contradictory to the main purpose of watching your weight. Here are 2 reasons why calories aren’t the main factor in deciding your weight.


2. Metabolism Rate.

If you have the preconceived notion that calories the ones that should be cut in your diet, then you are probably thinking about cutting down on whatever food you are eating, no matter if it is healthy or not so that you can lose weight. Sure, you are going to lose weight. But that’s not the only thing your losing. Your body adjusts to whatever the situation is and the moment you lessen your intake, it’ll slow down metabolism since there aren’t any food to digest. But when you stop your diet thinking that you already lost the weight, you will eat regularly against the slow metabolism that you have created, which will bring you back to square one.

1. Weight gain is healthy.

People think that gaining weight is the complete opposite of staying healthy. However, it is anything but. Gaining weight the right way is the way to go. If you wan tot lose some pounds, exercise and stay fit. But you’re going to have to keep eating unlike the rest of them who diet like crazy to lose everything. Eating right fulfills the purpose of staying healthy. So it is okay to gain weight, as long as you do it right and couple it with exercising. You will definitely get that rockin’ body you’ve always wanted without having to suffer through food deprivation. It’s not about the amount of calories, it’s the type of the food that you are eating that decides whether weight gain is good or not.

So no matter how much calories your consuming, it really depends on whether you eat in moderation, you eat at the right time, and you stay focus on your main goal, which is to live a healthier and fit lifestyle.