30 Oct 2014

10 Richest Pop Stars of 2014 (So Far)

While the rest of us brave the morning commute and work eight hours a day in a tiny cubicle that’s been giving us back pain since forever, there’s the lucky few that we have gathered here who are the richest pop stars enjoying the finest caviar, showering their friends with Moët & Chandon in their million-dollar yacht.

As we continue to question our self worth, let us line up the 10 richest pop stars of 2014 so far.

10. Taylor Swift ($64-M)

Taylor Swift

Forbes rubbed it in our face when they said that the pop princess is only 24 but already, she’s appeared five times on their list of the highest earners in the music industry. She is at her richest right now but there’s absolutely no sign of her slowing down. Damn, we wish we had the talent of writing songs about our exes.

9. Calvin Harris ($66-M)

Calvin Harris

He is the richest DJ in the world. Considering he used to stock groceries for a living, he definitely made it beyond big, headlining festivals of all sorts, making hits his fellow rich pop stars and landing a massive deal with Hakkasan, the US’ most expensive night club.

8. Paul McCartney ($74-M)

Paul McCartney

He’s 64 and he’s not exactly as active as the people on this list but he still has managed to be one of the world’s richest pop stars. He is a Beatle, a knight, a performer and an advocate. We sort of wish he never dies and continues to stay as legendary as he is.

7. One Direction ($75-M)

One Direction

While we all wait for the X Factor spawn group to finally pull off a N’Sync and have Harry become the new JT, One Direction still is one of the top earning pop stars in the biz. We do loathe every bit of song they come out with but how we wish we did have their lifestyle.

6. Justin Bieber ($80-M)

Justin Bieber

No matter how much we hate on the biggest d-bag in the biz, we’re still never going to make as much money as he does. While he continues to squander his wealth on strippers, start beef with his neighbors and smoke weed everywhere, his fans stay devoted to him. How the heck does that happen?!

5. Bruce Springsteen ($81-M)

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce is still richer than the Biebs, that’s one thing to be happy about. We don’t know how to the hit maker does it. He maintains a blue-collar image but his superstardom worth cannot be denied.

4. Bon Jovi ($82-M)

Bon Jovi

Majority of mothers still recall their fond memories of watching this iconic guitar swooner and even now, the ladies still go crazy over him. We’re pretty sure he’s got a spell on every fan out there, which is making him far bigger bucks than Kanye West or Jay Z.

3. The Eagles ($100-M)

The Eagles

Who saw this coming?! Neither did we! The group is still alive, strong and just about ready to take on the world for their tour. Looks like the pop group is going to enjoy a pretty swell retirement and a bright future for their children and grandchildren.

2. Beyoncé($115-M)


All hail the Queen B! She is indeed the reigning queen of today’s pop industry. She’s got the talent, the performance level, the bootylicious body and all the money anyone in the world would want. She’s only 32 and she’s got the world on the tip of her fingertips.

1.Dr. Dre ($620-M)

Dr. Dre

Thanks to his recent deal with Apple after selling his iconic headphone brand, Beats by Dr. Dre, he’s become the world’s richest man in the music industry. With that much money, he can practically get whatever he wants, whether it’s booty, buns or even more bucks and since it’s not even close between him and others on this list. Ridiculous.

Anybody here feeling even poorer?