14 Jun 2017

10 Most Popular Apocalyptic Television Series!

Thinking about the future is normal, especially when people have certain expectations of what the future would look like. However, for some odd reason, people also tend to get attracted to the idea of a future that has been struck by some kind of tragedy. There’s just something about the thought of the world in a state of ruins that make people want to see more. It’s evident in the movies and television series that has been coming out in the past few years. Because of the popularity, more and more shows are popping up left and right. Here are 10 most popular apocalyptic television series.

10. Fear the Walking Dead

To start of this list is the spin-off of one of the most popular television shows of all time, Fear the Walking Dead. One might think that it would be difficult to tackle anymore story lines, especially the main show has been around for many years. However, what made Fear the Walking Dead click is its backdrop. This time around, the story revolves around California at the beginning of the zombie outbreak. Quite an interesting perspective for this franchise.

9. 12 Monkeys

The title itself already makes one want to know more about it. 12 Monkeys is a unique concept and differs greatly from all the other TV shows in this list. The element of time travel is what makes it so interesting. As the character travels back in time to prevent a disaster from happening, this post and pre-apocalyptic series is a show definitely worth looking more into.

8. iZombie

What separates this show form the rest is that it is not necessarily as chaotic as the rest. Although the backdrop doesn’t really imply an apocalyptic world, it is still considered one because of addition of the zombies in this series. A mixture of comedy, drama and crime, this show is not one to miss out on.

7. The Shannara Chronicles

If you are a big fan of The Lord of the Rings, then this television series is worth checking out. Although not quite as epic as the famous trilogy, it still has mythical creatures such as elves, trolls, and many other creatures that will remind you of it. Although the big difference is that it is at a post-apocalyptic setting where the “end of the world” phase has come and gone and now it’s all about what happens after.

6. Z Nation

There are many zombie television series and movies nowadays that the concept is kind of getting a little dull, boring and overused. In fact, in just this list alone, there are four including this one. However, Z Nation is a show on its own. It’s concept of drama and comedy in addition to the zombie factor really is refreshing to watch.

5. The 100

The 100 made a big splash in the entertainment industry with its unpredictable plot twists and intriguing characters. The idea that the humans lived on a spaceship for almost a hundred years because of how uninhabitable Earth has become is a unique concept to dive in. Especially since these humans are trying to go back to Earth and see if its possible to live on Earth again.

4. Falling Skies

When it comes to alien invasions, only few television shows are able to pull it off and Falling Skies is one of them. Although it is not doing as good as another TV show with aliens in this list, it still manages to capture the audience’s attention through its action-packed scenes and relatively likable characters. If anyone would like to watch civilians fight against aliens, then this is the TV show to watch.

3. Attack on Titan

The only animation television series that made this list, Attack on Titan is definitely a surprise entry to many. Although anime is not as popular worldwide as it is in Asia, this television series made such a big impact that it overcame that handicap. It is one of the most popular animation series of all time. Following an apocalyptic world caused by gigantic aliens, this anime is clearly a show to watch.

2. Colony

The underdog of this top 10 list of apocalyptic TV shows, Colony is a hidden gem that people need to start paying attention to. Imagine a world where humans are enslaved by other humans who are working for aliens. Who would have thought of that? It’s suspenseful action-packed scenes and thrilling story arcs really make this a show worth tuning in.

1. The Walking Dead

The undisputed apocalyptic television series of all time, The Walking Dead is a world-wide phenomenon. It made waves almost instantly because of how fresh “zombies” were when this show first started. Following a group of people who are just trying to survive a zombie infestation, this television series is definitely the most popular apocalyptic television series of all time.