15 May 2017

10 Hardest Majors to Take in University!

Finishing college is a feat that not a lot of people can achieve in their lifetimes. Either they cannot get their bachelor’s degree because of financial issues, or not enough will power and motivation, or just simply not even wanting one, these are just some of the factors that explain why a lot of people only get up to their high school degree. But just because one does not finish university does not mean one cannot be successful in life. But for those who do finish college, there are majors that are notorious for being particularly difficult. What majors in college are the hardest to take? Here are the top 10 hardest majors to take in university.

Hardest Majors to Take in University

Bear in mind that this list is subjective and based on opinion. All college courses are difficult because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be worth studying in the first place.

10. Accounting

Sure, crunching numbers can be tedious but not too difficult. But with all of the complicated terminology and formulas, one can’t simply say that accounting is an easy course. Accounting may just be calculating financial aspects, but it is also the backbone of any organization. It is a difficult course to master especially if you don’t have the talent in math.

9. Interior Design

Not unlike architecture, Interior Design has one of the biggest stereotypes of them all. People surmise that interior design only requires one to arrange furniture and mix and match different colors. However, an interior designer is responsible of the interior elements while architecture deals with the exterior. It is not as east as it sounds.

8. Statistics

One cannot ignore the fact that statistics is a subject that requires a lot of skill in interpreting data. The human race is dynamic in a sense that humanity is constantly changing. Because of that, it is often difficult to study statistics as it attempts to interpret and predict phenomenon.

7. Latin

Infamous for its reputation of being the most difficult language to learn, Latin sure requires a lot of brain power to master. There are only a few people who have truly mastered Latin which is even more difficult because it is an extinct language that nobody uses anymore. It is essential however because it is one of the mother languages that brought about the many languages today.

6. Economics

It may not be a major that people pay attention to, but with the growing and dynamic economy, this major just keeps getting harder and harder. Being able to tell how the economy will perform under dire circumstances is not something that a regular person can do especially if an entire country relies on it.

5. Philosophy

Often misunderstood and underestimated, philosophy is a university major that not only taps into the thoughts of great thinkers, but also applies these theories into reality. If you hate thinking too much, then you won’t go anywhere with a course like this that requires you to think about the very existence of life.

4. Linguistics

Linguistics isn’t just about learning different languages. It is much more complicated than what people think it is. From crunching numbers with computational linguistics to analyzing conversations in discourse analysis, linguistics is a broad field that deals with the complex nature of language.

3. Architecture

People tend to dismiss architecture as a major that does not require a lot of thinking skills. It’s just drawing and sketching buildings right? You have never been so wrong in your life. The house you are living in, the mall that you visit, the school that you go to, every establishment has an architecture behind it. From the floor plans to the law ordinances with regards to safety, architecture is no walk in the park.

2. Chemical Engineering

A combination of endless math equations with chemical compositions, chemical engineering is a major that one should be careful with. It is a discipline which requires blood, sweat and even tears in order to finish the course within a specific amount of time. Just like the rest of the majors in this list, it is quite achievable as long as you put in the effort.

1. Physics

This major in university does not even need to be explained. The thought of studying physics already gives you the chills. Some of the greatest minds of the past are experts in the field of physics which further supports the claim that physics are meant for other worldly beings who were born geniuses.